Anura Rose 2020

Appellation Simonsberg-Paarl
Cultivar(s) Grenache Noir
Alc % by Vol 12.5
Residual Sugar g/l 2.3
Total Acid g/l 5.1
Volatile Acidity g/l 0.27
Free SO2 mg/l 43
Total SO2 mg/l 135
pH 3.59
Winemaking Process Grapes all hand-picked and grape must handled in a reductive style (without oxygen exposure). Juice from the red grapes extracted immediately from the press so as not to extract to much skin colour and maintain a beautiful salmon pink colour. Fermented in tank with temperature control using commercial yeast.
Maturation Wine racked off the lees after fermentation in tank to ensure fresh, clean fruit flavours are preserved.
Tasting Comments This 100% Pinot Noir Rose displays an explosion of fresh tropical fruit with hints of rose petals, cherries and strawberries. This crisp dry wine has a subtle sweetness both on the nose and the palate, it is full yet refreshing with a lingering strawberry finish.

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