Anura Merlot 2017 Signature

Appellation Simonsberg-Paarl
Cultivar(s) Merlot
Alc % by Vol 14.68
Residual Sugar g/l 3.2
Total Acid g/l 6.5
Volatile Acidity g/l 0.6
Free SO2 mg/l 5
Total SO2 mg/l 44
pH 3.38
Winemaking Process Fermentation is initiated in 500l open-top barrels after a 48 hour cold maceration period. 20% of the total crush fermented naturally and the balance was inoculated with commercial yeast. Regular manual punch-downs done 4-5 times a day for colour and flavour extraction from the skins. Grapes handpicked very ripe from a unique vineyard on Anura, "Block 10", which consistently produces our finest, award-winning merlot.
Tasting Comments Anura Merlot has copious amounts of ripe blackberry, red berry and blackcurrant flavours. Hints of herbal and violet aromas are folded into layers of dark chocolate, including some meaty/spicy aroma on the nose. This full-bodied, well-balanced wine has a long lingering flavour of berries and mint leaves. Food pairing suggestions include grilled red meats, tomato-based pasta sauces, BBQ and strong mature cheeses.

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