Forest Hill Cheesery

Anura is also home to Forest Hill Cheesery which produces a range of artisan white mould, soft and mature style cheeses. Established in 2000, Forest Hill began production of wonderful rich flavoured, creamy white molds cheeses, namely Camembert and Brie. The specific focus is to produce a style of Camembert and Brie that is more flavourful, creamy and rich than the commercial, new world style but at the same time not as overly ripe and mature as the “old world French” style. Other cheeses in the range include mild, 2-3 month matured soft cheeses namely, Bella, Marisch and Manchego which have become popular table cheeses and an excellent addition to any cheese board. The flagship, Anura Mountain Cheese, is a Gruyere style cheese matured for 5-7 months to develop complex, rich flavour. Production at the cheesery is small in volume and the cheeses are still all made by hand with no machinery involved in the production process. This allows production of boutique style, full flavoured cheeses. Forest Hill cheeses are beautifully paired with Anura’s range of wines and are all available for tasting and purchase at the Anura Wine Tasting Centre.

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  • Forest Hill Bella
  • Forest Hill Boerenkaas
  • Forest Hill Manchego
  • Forest Hill Marish (Plain)
  • Forest Hill Mountain
  • Forest Hill Traditional Brie
  • Forest Hill Traditional Brie
  • Forest Hill Traditional Brie (Foil Wrap)
  • Forest Hill Traditional Brie (Ready to Eat)
  • Forest Hill Traditional Camembert
  • Forest Hill Traditional Camembert (Foil Wrap)
  • Forest Hill Traditional Camembert (Ready to Eat)